Time for agile changes

When internal resources become scarce, it’s time to get reinforcement. Whether in form of extra staff to cope with too many tasks, an open mind with flexible solutions or an organiser - I strengthen your team with competence, foresight and aptness.

Industry experience.


You are ready for a new challenge, but you [still] lack the necessary personnel to manage the project? I would be happy to bring my experience in several project environments to your project and lead your company to success.


Even the best worker does not succeed without the right tools. I will be happy to apply my proven tools to your new challenge, but I will also work with you to develop a customized solution to efficiently meet your requirements.


Pulling together means knowing who you're pulling with. Company events or team days offer the ideal opportunity to form a strong team from your employees. I am happy to support you in planning, preparing and implementing appropriate events.